Hey all! As you can see our website has gotten a complete makeover! It's not completely done yet but I hope to have it finished in the next few days. A couple of things to address with this new site.

1. We've completely ditched Enjin because it's complete garbage and switched to Xenforo, a much more streamlined and modern approach to the forum/website system. I'm learning it as I go and hopefully I'll be able to help you guys with any questions you have regarding it soon.

2. Our webstore will be down until I get Buycraft and the lovely guy who set this site up for us makes a custom page for us on that as well, which will be within the week I'm sure.

3. As the website is finally nearing completion I'll jump on the server we recently bought and actually get that 100% set up, still deciding on when to release it. I originally wanted it to be around the beginning of March but we may hold off and see if 1.13 comes sooner rather than later, I will let you all know at a later date.

4. Finally, I'd like to give props to DarkKnight, the website designer for putting up with all my questions and comments regarding the site creation and for being patient as I worked with our webhost to get everything working properly. He has done a fantastic job and you can find more of his work here: https://darkdzn.net/

Have a lovely day all, thanks for reading!

- Final